Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Facing my fears...

Ok, so maybe not a fear so much as an aversion. Low-light photos are a challenge; nighttime shots seem down right impossible to me. But how will I ever learn if I don't try right? This blog is all about experiments, exploration, and experiential learning... so even though it resulted in well over half the shots not turning out, the few shots that did work made it totally worth it! And it gives me just the slightest bit of hope that this is another obstacle that I will eventually overcome. Christmas lights are also a great motivator cause they are so pretty! 
All photos taken with my Pentax K1000

Christmas lights Close-Up

Noah's Arc across the pond

Candy Cane Tree

Sliding Penguins - aka Fun with Shutter Speeds!
The last shot was taken with the lowest shutter speed possible so that I could capture each of the penguins and the water all in one shot even though they only lit up one at a time. Without a tripod, I am amazed that this even worked out! Super cool!

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