Sunday, June 13, 2010


The bright sunny weekend (not to mention a big flashy pop-up from blogspot) has inspired me to do a blog makeover. This background and layout just seemed to suit me and my photos so much more, also it finally feels like summer here this weekend and so it also suits my mood. I am sure (as any of you who know me can attest to), I will change it as soon as something new and exciting pops up (much like my hair, shoes and clothes)... I get bored of looking at the same thing rather quickly.

So in honour of the new look and finally feeling like summer is actually here... a giant statue of a boy in an ice cream cone!

This photo was actually taken with my wonderful Pentax K1000 (with which I have now fallen madly in love). The biggest benefit of it? The zoom lens (which is not a luxury that I have on my Olympus Pen F). Focusing is a bit harder, it is significantly heavier than my Olympus and I am still getting used to all the settings, but the ability to zoom has come in handy on several occasions. Also, since it is a full frame, it offers a whole new world (and challenge) of framing.

Mmmmm.... ice cream.