Sunday, May 16, 2010

Daisy May

Ever since I was little, daisies have always been my favourite flower. I remember looking at the photos from my parents' wedding; my mom in a long peasant style gown, with her flowing hair, holding a bouquet of daisies. It always struck me as so simple, so romantic. And although, as I grew older, I never sought out that "hippy-love" look in my own life, daisies always made me feel contented and at peace when I saw them. I love bouquets of colourful wild flowers and I appreciate the beauty of a delicate orchid and the scent of a vibrant rose bush, but the beauty in the simplicity of a daisy, for me, is unrivaled. My eye is always drawn to them no matter where we are.
It is one of the reasons why, I have decided that they must absolutely be a part of my own upcoming wedding. Who knows, maybe one day my own daughter will look at my photos and decide that daisies are her favourite flower...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Statue stability

Since the weather in this town has seemingly developed multiple personality disorder (I swear, half of the day it is February, and the other half it May)... I have decided to post on something that is unchanging - public art. Vancouver has a plethora of public art scattered around the city... some good, some not so good, but at least it makes you stop and think. It is a constant that you can admire in any weather. These are a few statues around town that I found amusing.

P.S. Jeffrey clearly likes the statues as well.