Monday, July 26, 2010

Perfect Imperfection

There are a few photo-blogs that I follow, but most of them are digital photo-blogs. I very much appreciate the abilities and the unique perspectives in each of these blogs, but at times, I think that some digital photos look almost unreal and take away the warmth and candidness of the photo. I mean they are impressive, but somehow they feel sterile.
Recently, I stumbled across Dream Camera via another blog I follow (Let's go ride a bike) both of which are written by the same author - Dottie. One thing that makes Dottie's photo-blog different is her love and appreciation of vintage film cameras (yay!). One thing that is inspirational about her blog is her acceptance and fondness for the imperfections that come from film (she also, like me, appreciates the anticipation of getting film developed).
So in honour of this wonderful new (to me) blog and in knowing that others share my love of the old, here are a few of my favourite Perfect Imperfect photos.

Boy in Fountain - Taken with Olympus Pen F

Airplane ride - Taken with Olympus Pen F

Portland Garden Gate - Taken with Pentax K-1000

P.S. I am not as brave as Dottie to leave my film photos completely unedited. Since I don't have a scanner at home, I get them developed directly to cd at the local drug store photo lab (it only costs approx $3!), the computer is (as my friend Mandy once described it) my "digital dark room". I will eventually take them to an expert to get developed to test whether it is really worth it, for now I enjoy being able to manipulate photos slightly (my favourite tool is "revive colours").


  1. hello there, just popped in via dreamcamera and have to say that I think these 'imperfect' shots are very interesting:)
    I'm so glad you have embraced film photography so fully, I would advise you to think about getting a scanner however, and it need not be a very expensive one (I have a cheap epson that works just fine). Images put onto CD are generally not as good quality as they could be.
    Best of luck with your adventures, film is highly addictive!

  2. Oh, this is such a lovely post! Thank you. I agree about the sterility of digital images. The more I shoot with film, the less I ever consider picking up my DSLR. And the little imperfections are sometimes the best part. Your photos above are excellent examples. The overexposed image of the boy on top is breathtaking.