Friday, April 23, 2010

Working without a flash...

In a previous post about figuring out how to work with the limitations of my Olympus Pen F with only one lens, no zoom and no flash (Post titled Versatility), I was quite happy that I had been able to figure out how to take a variety of pictures with my camera despite the limitations, but had still not figured out how to take pictures indoors with out a flash. Well, a roll of pictures I had developed from Christmas time shows that I have actually already started to figure it out! Without even realizing it, I took a few photos of the same miniature train set in different lighting which really allowed me to compare and it helped me to figure out how my camera works indoors without a flash. I know it doesn't seem like it should be that hard to figure out, but without the instant feedback of a digital camera, it is difficult to judge lighting. I think I am developing my eye better and learning to adjust my shutter speed and aperature settings accordingly. It was such a positive thing to see that I had overcome another hurdle in my quest to take good pictures with my lovely and wonderful, but challenging old camera.

Toy Village taken in flat daylight near large window. The photo just ended up being flat and blurry.

Toy Village taken at night with large overhead light. The colour is much more vibrant and the focus is a lot better.

Church decoration with inner lighting, no extra indoor lighting.


  1. Those two pictures are perfectly lit. I like how the limitations of the technology force us to think and look harder. My old camera has a flash unit, but I never use it. Flash is so meh.

  2. So, how was it done? Do tell!

  3. Honestly, it just required a really good overhead light... you know like those ones in the living room that you rarely turn on cause they just seem so bright for such a cozy room? It isn't brilliant and it isn't always convenient, but when you've got no flash and a good shot, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. The thing is that the pictures actually come out with lighting that looks a lot more warm and natural looking than it does it real life.
    Thanks for asking! I guess I didn't actually say that in the post.