Saturday, April 3, 2010


(Originally posted on February 21, 2010 on Windows Live Space)
In previous entries I have talked about the limitations of my camera because of the short lens. Basically I had a very hard time taking interesting pictures of anything other than close-ups (well, the portrait type shots were pretty good too, but even they were always close-up portraits). I have even perfected the focusing, framing and aperture settings to give the most detail and contrast in these tight shots.
This last roll I felt a lot more comfortable with the settings so I was able to take a lot more risks and try different things. The results were great! I actually managed to take some good distant scenic shots, some multi-layered shots (where the foreground and background compliment or add depth to the photo), as well as some portrait and close-up shots. I was really happy that I have been able to learn and overcome (and work with) the limitations of my lens.
The next challenge... lighting! I don't have a flsh for my Olympus and so indoor photos seem almost impossible and even outdoor shots on a not-so-sunny day are a huge challenge. The first few photos in the the latest album were taken indoors and they didn't turn out very well. I couldn't even salvage much with photo-editing. Only one turned out well and it's because there was a bright light directly above.

Stay tuned because I finally finished my first few rolls of my Pentax and will be taking them to get developed soon. I am so anxious to see how my new toy works and how the pictures turn out... a whole new learning curve for me!

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