Saturday, April 3, 2010

I should really keep better track

(Originally posted on February 06 2010, on Windows Live Space)
So back in the summer time, I went on a photo adventure with a friend. Wandering around beautiful Stanley Park with my new toy, I was snapping away sure that my photos were going to be brilliant. I mean afterall, this was not my first roll of film, I had had the chance to get a few rolls back which would help to teach me about what shutter speed settings were best for which light, and I had even read up on aperture and started playing with that. I was so excited to get this roll back and as I started looking through the pictures, my hopes quickly vanished. I realized that I had mixed up the shutter speed settings... in bright light I had set the speed high and in low lights, I had set the speed low... in other words, almost everything was either too washed out or too dark! I have no idea what was going on in my head to make me mix those up, but it meant that out of 48 pictures on a perfectly sunny, gorgeous day, I had very few that I could salvage. But man I learned my lesson!
So here are a few of this pictures that either fell in medium light and therefore a medium setting (meaning I couldn't screw them up), or that I managed to save with a little help from photo editing software (Photofiltre). A few of the pictures are actually from a seperate outing not in Stanley Park, but that were on the same roll, so I put them in there too. Most of these ones worked out because I had Jeffrey around to help advise me (and for the record, I am starting to be able to give him tips now too) ;)

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