Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekly Assignment Wednesdays - Still Life

My colleague and good friend Michelle recently received a new d-SLR as a gift. In order to learn more and become a better photographer, she has taken on the challenge of a new photography assignment every Wednesday. She has invited a few of us along for the ride - invitations to the flickr group are still open if any of you are interested. 
So every Wednesday (or as I finish my assignment) I will post my best attempts at getting better at digital photography. (Though it should be noted that I miss my film already)

Weekly assignment #1 - Still life
Much harder than it seems and motivation in and of itself to invest in a swivel flash that gives a more flattering and natural light. I am not 100% happy with all of these as I think the lighting is a bit cold... I have heard that a swivel flash can help to fix this. Though I think I am also just so used to film with it's natural warm glow.

Next week's assignment "10 minutes from home"!
All photos taken with my digital Canon Rebel XS.


  1. If you don't like the harshness of the on-camera flash (and who does, really? I pretend mine doesn't exist) but aren't ready for an add-on option, you could always force the flash off and light your subjects with a table lamp, just out of view of the frame. It can give pleasing results for still life, at least. (But not toddlers. Or puppies.)

    I love how the mug and tea tag match the colour of the cookies. If only everything in life was so well coordinated. Yum!

  2. delish pix!!!!!!! and i love the mug and tea and cookies one--how perfect!!!!! :) ... meg :)

  3. Thanks for the tip Mandy! I have to admit though that I did think about moving the lighting around, but I was lazy... but yes, a good reminder to think more holistically about my photos.

    And thanks for your support Megan :)