Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WAW #4 - Detail

This week's Weekly Assignment Wednesday was to take a photo of "detail". It is probably a good thing that I was away for a good chunk of this week and didn't have the digital camera with me because up-close, detailed photos are my favourite kind to take... I would have ended up with 100's to choose from!
I think my fondness for close-ups is partially due to the fact that when I got into photography, I was using my Olympus PenF film camera which only has a 38mm lens on it (no zoom). I got used to getting in really close to capture interesting photos - it is really tough to get an interesting distant shot on it. Of course once I started using my Pentax K1000 which has a 45-125mm zoom lens on it, I had to completely reevaluate how I took photos. As a side note, I played a little with Jeffrey's Pentax lens yesterday which is a 28-80mm lens with a macro zoom function. I really liked it and I think between our 2 Pentax lenses, we have a wide range of possibilities.
The digital Canon Rebel XS has a 18-55mm zoom lens on it, and of course, being digital, it also has all sorts of gadgets and settings to help get a good close-up shot. I am finding that since I learned how to use the manual zoom on this camera, I like it a whole lot more!

Next week's assignment: Self Portrait (hmmm... shouldn't be too hard. Just need to find a way to make it interesting/unique).

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