Sunday, January 9, 2011

Should I stay or should I go now?

I am considering changing the name of this blog (though it would require me to relocate and leave behind all my previous posts). I feel like I have out-grown this space because it was originally created for me to explore and learn about shooting with my Olympus Pen F. However, since that time I have fallen in love with photography in general and have acquired several cameras (film and digital alike)... so I feel that myolympuspenf.blogspot is limiting, and maybe slightly confusing to new comers.

Taken with my old point & shoot digital
so that I could get in all my cameras!

 Advice? Should I stay here? Should I consider a new more broad space? What should I call it? Any suggestions?


  1. You can move AND take all your posts with you! (Like having your cake and eating it, too.) On your Blogger dashboard, just go to the Settings tab and at the top of the Basics page there are utilities to "Export blog" (which you would do with this one) then "Import blog" once you have setup the new one.

  2. Thank you Miss Mandy! As always, you are so much more helpful than google. ;) Once I decide upon a name I will try to figure that one out.