Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birthday Girl!

This weekend is my baby niece's first birthday! Sadly, we don't live close enough for me to see them as often as I would like. Being far from family, and missing watching my nieces grow up are honestly the only things that ever make me want to leave Vancouver. I always hope that, despite the distance, I can be as close to them as I have been with my aunts.

So, Happy First Birthday Bear!! 
I love you (and those adorable little cheeks of yours)!!

Christmas 2009 - Olympus Pen F

Summer 2010 - Olympus Pen F

Summer 2010 - Olympus Pen F

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  1. This made me cry! The girls LOVE their Auntie Melly and can't wait to see you guys at Christmas. I'll pass on a big hug from you guys to the Birthday girl. Lets chat tomorrow! Miss ya lots xoxo