Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My other love...

I have made a conscious effort over the last few years to pay specific attention to what really makes me happy. What do I love to do? What makes my heart sing? What do I identify with? What do I feel good doing?
One of the things that makes me smile with glee is riding my bike. As a kid I loved riding the forest trails in my small hometown. But riding took on a whole new meaning in the "big city". Almost all the forest bike trails seem to be made for extreme mountain cyclists (much too challenging for the leisurely rides I was looking for). Also, I hated riding my mountain bike around the city because it felt like I should be speeding down the main streets dressed in lycra (so not me!).
When I started dating Jeffrey, he bought me a vintage Eatons Glider (which were made by Raleigh for Eatons Canada in the 60's & 70's) from a friend who frequented police auctions. Jeffrey has a sweet old Raleigh Tracker (which looks a like a bmx, but is pre-bmx). We spent those first summer weekends of our "courtship" casually cruising around town to yard sales, sunny patios, and local parks (me in my summer dresses, Jeffrey in his vintage cowboy shirts). Although my bike could use a little tender loving care (and possibly some gears!!)... I still love it; I think partially because of the memories that are attached to it. Those memories are actually so symbolic of us, that we are hoping to use our bikes in our wedding next summer.
It seems only natural that Glenda (the name I gave my bike; Jeffrey's is named Ray) would become the subject of some of my photos. The problem is, she is so photogenic that I couldn't decide which picture to use. So I decided to use them all! 

Glenda my Eatons Glider on the sunny seawall

Glenda & Friend

All photos taken with my Olympus Pen F. 

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