Sunday, September 20, 2009

My New Toy

We live in a world today of constant, instant gratification.
Point, click, instant access to anything you want…
Want to find out some information? Point and click at Google.
Want to listen to music? Point and click on your ipod.
Want to talk to someone anywhere in the world? Click away on your cell phone.
Want to take pictures of your special moments? Point and click on a high-tech autofocus digital camera (don’t forget to check the review screen and delete it if it didn’t turn out).
Want to share those pictures with friends? Point and click to text, email, or facebook them.

On one of my recent garage sale ventures, I came across an old Olympus Pen F camera (a manual 35mm film camera that was originally released in 1963). Having watched and admired Jeffrey’s handy work with his old skool film camera, I was inspired to try it out myself. So, for a mere $2 (film included!), I picked up what has now become my most beloved toy (next to my old skool beach cruiser bike complete with basket, of course). The camera is original, to say the least, because it actually takes two pictures within a regular single frame (thus on a 24 roll of film, I actually get 48 pictures). It has basic focus functions on the lens as well as the ability to adjust light levels. It doesn’t have a zoom lens with it (although I could probably get one if I searched one out).

But the best part of my new toy is the anticipation! I love seeing a great shot, taking the time to adjust light levels and manually focus the lens before I click away (and remember to wind it after each shot!). And having to wait to see how the pictures turned out. Getting the pictures back is like Christmas! I can hardly wait to see what the rewards of my efforts will be.

It has reminded me that, in our world of instant gratification, we need to step back and take the time to enjoy that sweet anticipation of the unknown.

So I have created this blog to document my experiments in re-discovering this old technology. To help myself keep focus, and to share my adventures with anyone who is willing to follow along.

First attempts taken with old 100-film (the stuff that came with the camera) when I wasn't sure it was even working. Photo was edited using a photo-editing program to rebalance light levels and enhance colour.

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